Breastfeeding Bling-Breastfeeding Bracelet

I am so excited to introduce and support this fantastic breastfeeding tool that is not only beneficial but stylish too. Best part is that it is tax deductible for you and you get to help design this beautiful piece of jewelery.

As functional as it is stylish, this breastfeeding tool enables new mothers to keep track of each feeding session. We all know the importance of breastfeeding, and the benefits that go along with it. Believe me, I understand that a new mother may seem overwhelmed at times. Certainly it is a challenge for us, often sleep deprived, to manage our hectic schedules. There lies the reason I, as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant worked hand in hand with jewelry by CC to design and develop this unique beautiful bracelet.

We realize breastfed infants need to feed on demand at least 8-12 times in a twenty-four hour period to ensure they gain weight and thrive. The best case is to go off of the babies cues, to feed when the baby is telling you to feed. Your maternal intuition is the key to making sure your baby is getting enough. However, some babies are not very good at giving those signs, and therefore it is important to keep track. A minimum of eight feedings ensures that babies are getting enough breast milk to sustain them longer and allow them to grow at a normal weight gain of 4-7oz a week. So, in order for mothers to ensure that their baby is receiving enough milk it is recommended to make sure that each breast is stimulated frequently and evenly  to signal to the body to produce more milk.

In order to sustain even stimulation, it is important to remember which breast the baby nursed on last. For example at the start of one feeding, if the baby fed for 15 minutes on her mothers right breast, then switched and fed for only 5 minutes on the left breast, the mother would want to begin the next feeding session on her left breast to ensure proper and even stimulation for adequate milk production. This bracelet allows the breastfeeding mother to not only meet and keep track of her minimum eight feedings a day, but also reminds her which breast the baby finished on last using the “L”and “R” charms, all while wearing a beautiful custom handmade piece of jewelry.

Here is how this beautiful yet fully functional bracelet works. Every bracelet has 8 silver counter beads which you simply move the removable charm in a clockwise motion after each feeding, whether you nursed or fed the baby a bottle. This will allow you to keep track of how many feedings your baby has had throughout the day. When you have finished a feeding session move the safety chain attached with the other charm to either the “L” bead for the left side or the “R” bead for the right side to keep track of which breast the baby nursed off of last. Remember to start your next feeding on the side the charm is presently on to ensure that each breast is stimulated frequently and evenly.

Our goal is simple, to make beautiful custom handmade pieces that are affordable and in the case of the Breastfeeding Bling Bracelet, promote healthy habits for new mothers and babies. We feel that these bracelets are unique in the sense of their function. Furthermore, you may custom order your pieces to suit your unique style. Visit our boutique today at to create your custom bracelet by choosing your colors,charms and size. Turn this fabulous functional bracelet into a lasting keepsake. This is also a fantastic, Push “Prize”, for spouses and partners to give the new mom. Why not get the other siblings involved and have them sit and create this bracelet for mom and the new addition to the family. Wishing all of you new moms much happiness and peace as you welcome your new bundle of joy into this world.

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