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Baby’s Second Night by Jan Barger, RN, IBCLC

You’ve made it through your first 24 hours as a new mom. Maybe you have other children, but you are a new mom all over again…and now it is your baby’s second night.
All of a sudden, your little one discovers that he’s no longer back in the warm and comfortable – albeit a bit crowded – womb where he has spent the last 8 ½ or 9 months – and it is SCARY out here! Continue reading

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Symptoms & Treatment of a Yeast Infection on the Breast

Yeast, formally known as Candidiasis, is the most common fungal infection in humans. Mammary candidiasis is a yeast infection of the breast. Thrush, is a yeast infection that is located in the mouth. Generally both mom and baby are infected and are continuously spreading the fungus back and forth to each other. It is recommended that both mother and baby will need to be treated simultaneously in order to fully kill the infection. Continue reading

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Breast friendly way to Bottle Feed the Breastfeeding Baby

Below are some simple steps to take to help the mother, her partner, and infant care persons provide the appropriate instruction for evaluating how to bottle feed the breastfed baby. Continue reading

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