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Overabundant Milk Supply with Overactive Letdown

It would seem that every breastfeeding mother would desire to have a milk production, so big that you would have endless freezers full of expressed milk, your baby would always be blissfully full and content, and your breastfeeding worries would … Continue reading

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Breast Engorgement Relief

Engorgement is what happens to your breasts around three to six days after the birth of your baby after a surge of hormones have began to change the composition of your breast milk from the thick colostrum phase to a more mature milk. Colostrum still however remains a part of your milk for several days. Your breasts may feel swollen, fuller, and heavier. In some cases, women describe the breasts as being warm to the touch and appear hard and shiny. Continue reading

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Weaning: How to dry up your breast milk supply

I would try, if possible, to start cutting out a feeding session and replacing it with a bottle of either expressed breast milk, formula, or cows milk if over 12 months. This will allow your cellular breast tissue to gradually realize what’s happening and avoid you become severely engorged. However, If the gradual weaning process isn’t right for you, and you want to quit cold turkey, then here are the steps to follow. Continue reading

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