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3 Responses to Terms and Conditions

  1. Erin Hamblin says:

    Firstly, thank you! Your website is wonderful and has been a great tool in my parenting journey, and I love recommending it.

    I am currently trying to set up a home business so that I can be with my son instead of putting him in childcare.
    When I can across your delightful page on breast milk lotion I feel in love with it. I have since ordered some very nice oils and have been making my milk into lotions for friends who don’t have babies as well as turning other mothers milk into lotion for them and their bubs.
    I would like to set up an online shop and that’s where you come in.
    I love the way you have written the information about breast milk lotion and when I try to write my own I just can’t seem to put it together as eloquently as you did. Im hoping you would let me use the information on that page for my store. I can put a link on my page to your website to say thanks.
    What do you think?

    • Admin says:

      Hi there,
      Thank you for asking my permission to use my article. I would be more then happy to let you use my article with instructions providing that you put a link to my article on there. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Just be careful when using essential oils, that if the mother is still breastfeeding, to not use peppermint or sage. That will dry up her supply. Thank you again!

      • Erin Hamblin says:

        Thank you you very much! And yes absolutely will not use those two. I’ll let you know when I have it up and running. Im very excited to get it going as the summer kicks off in australia mums and bubs can keep their skin moisturised and looking great
        Have a wonderful xmas and new years.

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