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Suck Training: A Tool For The Breastfed Baby

One of the most common reasons I see new mothers and their babies in the first few days after birth is because a baby simply will not latch onto the breast. Mom will state, that after several minutes and multiple … Continue reading

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Nipple Shield Guidelines

A nipple shield, or as some new mothers have called it  a ” breast shield” or “nipple guard” is used as a breastfeeding tool to help assist some babies with latching difficulties. There are many different reasons why your Lactation … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Bling-Breastfeeding Bracelet

I am so excited to introduce and support this fantastic breastfeeding tool that is not only beneficial but stylish too. Best part is that it is tax deductible for you and you get to help design this beautiful piece of … Continue reading

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