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Plugged Milk Duct Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Plugged or clogged milk ducts happen when one of the milk ducts, or localized area in the breast, becomes blocked causing an obstructed flow of milk. Symptoms include tenderness in a localized area accompanied with a firm or hard lump. The area usually is hot to the touch, swollen with possible redness. Continue reading

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Peppermint and other Herbs that can decrease breast milk supply

Using large amounts of the following herbs and other natural remedies should be avoided while nursing because they have been known to decrease milk supply. The amounts of these herbs normally used in cooking are unlikely to be of concern; it’s mainly the larger amounts that might be used therapeutically that could pose a problem. Peppermint, menthol, and sage are three of the biggest herbal culprits when it comes to putting a damper on milk. Continue reading

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