Interested In Having Danielle Speak At Your Next Conference

Are you interested in having Danielle speak at your next conference or support group?

Topics include:

  • Oral tethering (Lip, Tongue, Buccal ties) how they  not only effect breastfeeding, but life long health. Danielle had hers revised at age 40, due to life long issues.
  • Bridging the gap between hospital and postpartum IBCLC
  • Relactation and Low supply
  • Underlying causes of Low Milk Supply
  • The effects of the midline infraction on babies and mothers
  • How to overcome fears in breastfeeding when you have been sexually abused

I just launched my new Breastfeeding Video Series and book, The Booby Fairy's Guide To Breastfeeding. If you enjoyed this post, then I predict you will love the book and the video series. Please check them out.

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