Dad Tip Number 1-Heating up Breastmilk on the Go

When your out and about with your new little one, say at a restaurant for lunch, and you need to heat up a bottle for your baby… here is a handy little trick. As you may not know, you can not heat up breast milk in a microwave per our lactation consultant’s advice as it apparently kills the important components of the milk.  So here is what I do…I place the bottle in between my knees to heat up while I feed the baby her cereal, fruit, whatever her course of the day is. By the time she is done with that, the bottle is completely warmed up perfectly to body temperature, the same temp it would be if it came directly from mom. It’s convenient and easy, and I always know the temp in just right for my little girl. This works great too while driving long trips in the car and you don’t have a bottle warmer, and often is faster! Hope this helps!

– Jeff from California

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